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The History of New Heights Church

A brief history of the Pentecostal movement, the General Council of the Assemblies of God and Nebraska District Council of the Assemblies of God [Nebraska Ministries Network] provide a foundation on which New Heights Assembly of God [New Heights Church] was built.

The modern Pentecostal revival is generally traced to a prayer meeting at Bethel Bible College in Topeka Kansas, on January 1, 1901. From here, the revival spread to Missouri, Texas, and then to California. In California, a three-year revival meeting at Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles drew many believers from across the nation and overseas, launching the Pentecostal message around the world. It is here that many Full-Gospel organizations, including the Assemblies of God, trace their roots.

In 1914, a group of 300 preachers and laymen gathered from twenty states and several foreign countries in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to discuss the need of uniting in a cooperative fellowship. It was at this time a fellowship was formed and incorporated under the name “The General Council of the Assemblies of God”.
Revival fires continued to spread throughout the nation as the Holy Spirit fell upon small gatherings of people. One of those gatherings was in Chappell, Nebraska during the Summer of 1914. It was here that the first Full-Gospel tent meeting was held. A message of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was shared and many hearts were open to the Truth. From Chappell, the Pentecostal message spread along the southern portion of the state and eventually throughout the entire state. In 1917, it was decided that a state fellowship be established, and the Nebraska District Council of the Assemblies of God [Nebraska Ministries Network] was birthed.

In 1933, the revival spread to another small community. Several people came from Aurora and held meetings in York, meeting first in a vacant theater and later renting a church building with a parsonage in the basement. On September 30, 1936, the church was chartered under the name Full Gospel Church. At this time, there were 14 members listed and today, descendants of these early charter members can be found among the congregation.

In 1944, the church moved to 8th and Platte, occupying a building that three other congregations had previously used. On April 22, 1959, the congregation took another step to further establish themselves in the community. They became a Nebraska incorporated church under the name York Assembly of God Church.
In 1995, “On the Move Again” became the theme when Pastor Kerry Andrews and his wife Linda, followed the leading of the Lord and brought the church to a new level of change. The congregation outgrew the facilities at 8th and Platte, causing Sunday morning worship services to be moved to various locations throughout the city.

Plans for a new facility were drawn up and approved during the spring and summer of 1996. The property on 8th and Platte was sold to another congregation, and the church met for one year in a remodeled store front downtown while construction at 1522 South Grant Avenue, the new site, was underway.
October 1997 marked a day of new beginning for the church. The completion of our current building was celebrated with a dedication service on October 17, 1997. This new facility provides ample room for all of our ministries and allows us to fulfill what we believe God is calling us to do in this city. A new name for the church was also adopted at this time, New Heights Assembly of God. This name was derived from the initial capital fund drive in February 1996. Knowing the congregation would be stretching themselves the fund drive slogan, “We’re Reaching for New Heights” was adopted.

Today, under the leadership of Pastors Lance and Angela Loven (since August 2010), the congregation is still reaching for the new things of God. In September 2022, the congregation altered the name to New Heights Church. The congregation continues to pursue the deeper and higher things of God, but also desires to assist other rural churches and pastors as they seek to reach “new heights” in their various communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

New Heights Camp Meeting

This picture was taken on August 18, 1938 at what is currently known as Harrison Park here in York.  Some of the founding members of this church are in the photo, and the photo is currently located in the office.

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